The following Committees are under the direction of Paul Hurley


  1. Celebrate the Rotary year and the "moving on" of the outgoing president.
  2. Good humor recommended.
Member Communications
  1. Ensure that all club members are kept up-to-date regarding club meetings, programs, and events through weekly bulletin and special meeting notices, and email communication.
  2. Consult with club leadership, bulletin editors, and public relations committee in order to assure that information is disseminated in a coordinated and timely manner.
  3. Accentuate electronic communication with members and ensure that club website and Facebook pages are routinely updated.
  4. Provide periodic printed newsletter as may be necessary to meet member needs.

Program & Craft Talks

  1. Seek, encourage, and schedule interesting and informative programs.
  2. Compile and coordinate the calendar of programs in consultation with the club president.
  3. Obtain input from members regarding excellent programs.
  4. Schedule member programs and craft talks on a regular basis and encourage new member participation.

Public Relations

  1. Ensure that Rotary is promoted in the community.
  2. Utilize Rotary International(RI) media and resources to augment local club information in describing the work of Rotary in our local and greater world community.


  1. Coordinate and conduct a variety of sports related activities for members and their families.
  2. Support sports related recreation and events in the Visalia community.


Future Events