The following Committees are under the direction of Doug Arnold

  1. Promote the agriculture industry as an area of service in our community and Tulare County.
  2. Recommend agriculture oriented programs to program committee.
  3. Support agriculture related programs at local high schools and colleges.
COGS - Commencement of great service
  1. Composed of club members with 3 years or less of membership.
  2. Provide opportunity for new members to:
    1. Get to know members
    2. Become familiar with purpose and roles of all club committees and club leadership
    3. Assist with weekly meetings
    4. Assist with COGS annual signature event
    5. Assist with other club committees and duties
  3. Work on development of COGS.
Make-up Social
  1. Make-up opportunities offered at various times and places designed to foster fellowship and knowledge of Rotary.
  2. Events are informal and family members are welcomed.

Membership Development & Retention

  1. Utilize a "team approach" to identify, contact and propose potential new club members.
  2. Club goal to increase membership by at least 10 members per year for next 5 years.
  3. Involve all club members in identifying individuals interested in service, fellowship, and Rotary ideals.
  4. Encourage membership retention by utilizing member sponsors and club committee activity.
  5. Coordinate with President and Secretary the "Red Badge" process and its successful completion.

Rotary Information

  1. Meet with proposed new members and their sponsors to discuss the Rotary Club of Visalia and Rotary International including history, service, club meetings, and obligations of membership.
  2. Committee is composed of club Past Presidents, club Secretary. Rotary Information meeting must be completed before proposed member can be circularized to the general membership.


Weekly Bulletin