The following Committees are under the direction of Tom Cutler

Boy Scouts

  1. Sponsorship and support of Visalia Boy Scout Troop will be continued and can include club support for special programs or troop needs
  2. Encourage and schedule Eagle Scouts to present their projects at a club meeting at least once per quarter

Camp Royal

  1. Select 3 boys and 3 girls from Golden West High School to represent the Rotary Club of Visalia at our Rotary District 5230 Youth Leadership Camp
  2. Coordinate the selection process with Golden West High School and the VUSD to ensure that a qualified pool is available and that comprehensive selections process can be conducted with adherence to the application requirements and timelines

C.O.S. & High School Students of the Month

  1. Involve all the Visalia High Schools and the College of the Sequoias in the "Student of the Month" program
  2. Each school principal and college president will be scheduled to present outstanding students (2) to the club on a rotating monthly schedule
  3. Each student will be encouraged to comment on their educational and career goals
  4. Honorees will be presented with a $50 gift certificate to be used in Downtown Visalia

High School Scholarship & Citizenship Awards

  1. Choose a $4000 scholarship winner from each of the four main VUSD High Schools
  2. Choose a $4000 scholarship winner from a combined application pool of all remaining Visalia High Schools
  3. Choose a $1000 scholarship winner from Sequoia High School
  4. Continue to involve many club members in the valuable work of the committee
  5. Consider how scholarships and award programs can be expanded or augmented
  6. Administer the Dwelle Scholastic Foundation Scholarship and the Robert Harrell Career and Technical Education Scholarship Fund under the guidance of the Visalia Rotary Community Foundation (VRCF) and utilize VRCF for the distribution of all the High School Scholarship and Citizenship awards.
  7. Coordinate with President and Program Committee a meeting at which all scholarship and award recipients and their families, as club guests, will be introduced, acknowledged and speak to club members.


  1. Re-Establish an Interact Club at Golden West High School
  2. Guide them in performing community projects
  3. Bring Interact club members to at least two club meetings

Youth Exchange

  1. Continue the club's commitment to Youth Exchange.
  2. Promote the Youth Exchange Outbound program to generate interested applicants to be interviewed and to select one applicant by the end of November to be interviewed by the Rotary District Committee.
  3. Welcome an inbound student into our club and community by providing at least 3 host families, counselor support, monthly stipend, and weekly opportunity to attend and participate in club meeting and activities.
  4. Build an ongoing base of support for Youth Exchange and welcome and encourage club member participation in Distirct and RI Youth Exchange committees and efforts.


Weekly Bulletin