The following Committees are under the direction of Karen Lindberg

Club Administration

  1. Ensure that the President, Treasurer, and Secretary perform their required duties.
  2. Assure that discussions and decisions regarding administrative issues are efficiently and effectively organized and conducted.


  1. Organize and conduct annual Board of Directors Election in December as required in the club bylaws.
  2. Elect at least one new board member annually.

Holiday Showcase Auction & Party

  1. Organize and operate an annual event that helps raise significant funds to help underwrite the club's and Rotary's "Avenues of Service".
  2. Encourage 100% participation of members in donating, purchasing, and attending the event.
  3. Assure that a holiday atmosphere, food, entertainment make the event enjoyable to all.

Visalia Rotary Community Foundation

  1. Rotary Club of Visalia supports the mission of the VRCF to server the community.
  2. Promote awareness of VRCF among club members and encourage member participation.
  3. Assure that club representative to VRCF, as well as board and committee members of VRCF, participate fully in VRCF meetings, events, committees and projects.

Wine Auction

  1. Organize and operate a Spring Wine Event to augment the club's fund-raising capacity.
  2. Encourage all members to participate in some way to make the event a success.
  3. Consider new approaches to this event to maximize its potential for member involvement and contributions.


Rotary Craft Beer Brew Festival
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