The following Committees are under the direction of Jon Pree

  1. Plan a significant project to commemorate our club's 100th anniversary in 2021.
  2. Committee will receive continuing annual commitment from club board to assure the successful completion of the project in Downtown Visalia.
  3. Committee will receive input from club members and community leaders to consider, design and implement the best centennial project possible.
  1. Assures an atmosphere of blessing and thankfulness for food, fellowship, and service.
  2. Inspires us to remember those in need in the community and Rotary family.
Family of Rotary
  1. Make members aware of significant personal events in lives of members or their families to which members may offer support or personal response.
  2. Work to continue to welcome and include surviving spouses and family of Rotarians in ongoing Rotary activities and meetings.
  1. Compile, preserve, and organize items that are indicative of the club's rich history.
  2. Prepare an up-to-date book to document the Rotary Club of Visalia.
  3. Seek input from members and others in the community who have access to Rotary memorabilia or documents.
Meeting Logistics
  1. Ensure that the meeting room is set up including banners, flags, podium, and sound system.
  2. Welcome and register members, guests, and visiting Rotarians.
  3. "Rotarian Greeter". Board or member personally welcomes everyone to the meeting.
Member Recognition
  1. Assist President in recognizing achievements or events in the lives of members.
  2. Ensure that all Rotarians are respectfully recognized as valued individuals and members.
  1. Arrange for and play background music prior to the formal opening of the regular meeting.
  2. Coordinate other music as appropriate or required for meetings.
Sergeant at Arms
  1. Assists President in conducting the weekly meeting.
  2. Helps members and guests in participating in the meeting


Weekly Bulletin